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28 November 2011 @ 05:55 pm
  1. Gift cards. Like even just the VISA ones? Yes. Other suggestions are Gap, Starbucks, Old Navy... okay, that about covers it.
  2. Fluffy happy future Christmas fic! Preferred pairings: Klaine (duh), Brittana, St. Berry, Tike, Pizes.
  3. Scarves or hats or even gloves because I'm going to NYC in January. I don't like fleece and I lovelovelove infinity scarves. Neutral colors (except brown or navy) are more than okay.
  4. Charlene Kaye's lightning bolt shirt or her peacock shirt. M should be good for the size.
  5. A day pass/Team Starkid event ticket for Leaky. Hey. You never know.
  6. Lima Bean Travel Mug.
  7. Framed pictures of NYC, Darren, Chris or Demi Lovato. But mostly NYC. Just make sure they're good quality because I hatehatehate blurry, grainy pics?
  8. The v-neck Klaine skit quotes shirt in the soft yellow in a M.
  9. Money. Like seriously, just money will be good.
  10. Donations to the charity of your choice. :)
22 November 2011 @ 01:17 pm
I guess I'm sending people Christmas cards, so if you want one, comment on here with your name and address. Obviously, comments will be screened.